What is an Aquaflame Fountain Diffuser?

Tired of the same boring essential oil diffusers? Aquaflame Fountain Diffusers are beautiful, cordless statement pieces that you’ll love to display in your home!

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– No need to hide a cord or find an outlet, this cordless Aquaflame can go anywhere!
– Can be used with any essential oils except CBD oil, just add 5-10 drops.
– The soothing sound of falling water helps create a relaxing environment for some meditation, me time, or sleep sounds.
– Want a softer sound? Fill your AquaFlame fountain core up with water past the minimum fill line–the more water in the fountain core, the softer the sound of the falling water.
– Choose from any of the 16 LED color options, including white, color-changing mode, or just turn the LED lights off.
– Choose from 4 brightness options for the LED lights–perfect for using as a nightlight!
– Set a 1, 3, or 24-hour timer using the included remote, anytime you turn the Aquaflame on, it will automatically shut off after 5 hours unless one of the other timer options is set.

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