Why Does Gracey, Parrotlet, Needs To Replace Her Cockatiel Friends? #Parrot_Bliss

#Parrotlets are friendly, when they are young. Once they get to be youngsters, they get aggressive! These are parrots that don’t usually get along with other birds.

Being the last one to hatch this spring, Gracey was being left at the bottom of her cage. The two other Parrotlets with her started to perch at night, leaving her with no one to cuddle with or to keep warm with. Poor thing!

So, I figured I’d put Gracey with the two Cockatiel babies. Gracey was about a month older, but it didn’t matter. One thing that is so endearing about parrot babies is that you can usually put any babies together and they’ll just cuddle and keep each other warm. It’s one of the sweetest things I’ve seen!

Gracey did super-well with the Cockatiels, but they will be leaving soon – and Gracey really needs to replace these guys for her own species and for parrots that are eating on their own. She’s a little behind in starting to eat fresh foods and seeds – which is how I start them.

So, where to put her? Her two friends are with other, slightly older Parrotlets. Introducing Parrotlets always takes watching and some strategizing. Adding one to a group is harder than adding two. With two, they are a team. With one young one, she could be a target.

I’m going to have to feel it out, see what I think will work best. Maybe separate the ‘young’ group?

And Gracey’s story will continue…

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  1. Hi there, your videos are amazing! I just got a parrotlet boy at 3-month-old. He was hand-fed according to the store, but he was very afraid of people. Can I still bond with him or he is already too old to bond with people? ❥(^_-)

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