Your CBD products might still be prohibited. Here’s why (Marketplace)

Much is made about CBD and its health benefits, but our investigation reveals many CBD products are still illegal in Canada. Those health claims? According to experts, they’re not all backed by science.

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  1. $800 is insane! I personally started using CBD this past summer from the government dispenser I still have the same bottle I paid $30 for. I take it 2x a day 5-10 drops am and pm for fibromyalgia pain. For me I found it helped with my back which was so bad I considered quitting my job. I am completely back pain free. My sleep improved as had other issues. I’m in love with my cbd and think it’s a far safer option then strong pain meds.

  2. I've always wanted to try CBD, as I struggle from chronic pain and ADHD as I've talked to people who swear by it, but they're in the UK. It's just so much more expensive than prescription drugs, even though I have to deal with miserable side effects. I do use hemp skincare from Superstore, but it doesn't really have active ingredients. Just like how I have shoes made of hemp. But recently I've had pretty good results with GABA, which is much easier to get from legit companies.

  3. I have lower back issues caused by inflammation – or I should say I had back issues – I highly recommend Redecan CBD Reign Drops – government approved – and it’s $15 bucks a bottle from your local authorized retailer.

    I use to throw my back out once every few months – hasn’t happened since I started using about a year and half ago.

    It has allowed my to play sports again – it might help you as well

  4. Health Canada is a real pain the butt. if you can pass the overwhelming security and procedure over a plant those study would have been already out. I,m talking about 200+ cameras on a site with card entry and prison like craziness.
    Yes I'm going to compare it to the alcohol market. This none or almost none regulated harmful market that can ruin your life. Please open your eyes and stop regressing over cannabis. Since Cannabis got legal the only thing they accomplish is making it harder for scientist to do their jobs.

  5. Interesting point the doctor made. The cost. If that was a prescription without coverage itd be significantly higher with more side effects. I wish CBD products had some kind of coverage that you could use but 100 a month is less than anyone who drinks likely spends on beer. Worth it imo for a good sleep and being able to get out of my head.

  6. CBD is incredible for mental health, especially those suffering from repetitive, angry, negative, anxious thoughts. You'll know if it works for you not because you particularly feel "euphoric", you'll know it works because you feel NORMAL. Once you feel normal then you will be able to relax and your mood will increase, CBD is about what you don't feel. Me personally I take 1000-2000mg tincture, I tried 250mg but it didn't work nearly as well.

  7. All that paperwork could be easily eliminated and made safer with blockchain technology. I can’t wait for the day thats implemented and also the day when all drugs are regulated and made in a lab.

  8. I'm extremely sensitive to thc and would never use it intentionally. I let myself be talked into trying a "cbd" supplement for anxiety, shortly before it was legalized. (So black market was the only option) and boy did I regret it.
    I took a capsule before heading out shopping. An hour later I was so high I couldn't function, never mind drive my car home. Fortunately my daughter was working nearby and was able to come rescue me. I hate to think of what could have happened had it hit me while I was behind the wheel.
    I have since tried a legal brand and it actually did work as expected, though I still prefer not to use it except in extreme circumstances.

  9. So what's wrong with the many studies done in Israel?? Marketplace you dropped the ball here on sooo many things. ALL CBD contains a microscopic amount of THC for one. If it doesn't then it's not real. And this whole thing about taking those products to the police? get new lawyers because the cops would laugh you out of the station or give you hell for wasting their time. I would LOVE to see a show on the meth problems and the homelessness issue in Ontario,especially in the Southwest.

  10. 12:35 That guy doesn't say anything wrong, from what I can see. He states that he isn't allowed to say much about the medicinal benefits, which is true; and then he informs the camera person that several studies exist which suggest CBD is useful for treating pain, etc. As long as he didn't make those studies up, and they really exist and came to those conclusions, everything he said is factually accurate and he made no medical claims of his own.

  11. If you have sleeping problems change your diet and try brisk walking for 30 to 40 minutes then See the results by yourself. Super healthier and safe way without any supplements or tablets

  12. There is absolutely NO reason bercuiase profit, that the government is selling marijuana and producuts foir the same price as the street prices. 10 a gram is street price…. This is is what screwed them and us. They could have been such a better business helping Canadians AND making more profit by lowering the prices. CBD oil is far to expensive for most. a 21 day supply of quality cbd costs $90 and that is at low doses

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