Litterbox success for both you & your cat depends on walking that fine line between necessity and convenience. In my (sometimes emotional) opinion we have veered far away from the needs of cats when it comes to both elimination convenience and territorial needs and towards our own aesthetic desires. 30 years of caring for cats and solving litterbox issues have told me that – like it or not – compromise is key.

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  1. My take….60 years of having cats, just do what makes them happy. They dont want your silly elaborate litter games, they want plain open dirt and thats it. Watch what they do alone outside and duplicate it inside. That means a large, open box and trolling with a slotted scoop for poop and aeration everyday, then change everything once a week or sooner. I agree, I want to see the poop for its texture, size, firmness, smell and consistency. I want to know what a change in diet does. So much of what you need to know about the cats condition is in that poop. About 3 days into the week I mix in a scoop of baking soda which holds the stink down and the cat doesnt notice. Sometimes I bring home bags of beach sand and mix that in, and some small rocks to mimic the outside world. Though it is a good idea, the only thing I dont do is have multiple boxes around the house. Last thing, i want to hold the stink down for me AND the cat. Their noses are more sensitive than ours and if the box stinks too much they will go somewhere else. They also dont like to look at their own poop and they like virgin-looking dirt so keep after it.

  2. Agree with you on the strongly scented litters. But disagree on some of the other points.
    I have found that cats DO prefer a covered box, as long as it’s big enough. And as far as the toilet training, I actually had one cat who on her own decided to poop in the toilet. She trained herself!
    Of course cats haven’t historically had the option to use a toilet. But they like to be clean. So I think they would prefer it.

  3. Day 1, first time cat owner here. I rescued a kitten today, I’m told he is about 8-10 week. I appreciate the way you break everything down from the cats perspective , I want to make sure I have a happy, healthy kitty.

  4. I sweep 10 times a day. That's why people want cabinets. I'll be damned if I don't buy one. I'm done with walking on litter. My cats make a bigger mess than any dog I've ever owned. Love them to death but enough litter all over the floor.

  5. This is a great information video Jackson .. and I agree with everything you say here.
    Those crystals are rubbish and I don’t have a lid on my Cats litter boxes. I cannot stand those floral scented litters either.. the smell of the floral mixed with cat pee is horrible. I can’t imagine what it smells like to my cats.
    This is a great video and all of the information contained with in is awesome!

  6. Wandered into this video and learned more than I expected to. Don't currently have a cat, but someday I will again, and I will remember these things. Also it wasn't mentioned, but the crystaled/scented litter can cause health issues in a cat. Back when I had a cat, I had an open box and used pine needle/natural mulch. Had to clean out all the urine all the time, but my cat seemed happier. The question is… Where do we get this clay litter from the late 40's?

    Also, I think the box sides should be as low as possible, to make it easier for your pet to access. Maybe put an easy to clean carpet under it, extending a foot or so to each side? That should help clean paws and make it nicer for the cat.

  7. i line the tray with a small black bin bag then sellotape several pages of a newspaper together and put on top covering the bag then cover the paper with litter , when emptying the tray just tip it all out easily into a large bin bag , if you do it properly there won't be any trace of wee on the tray when emptied and you can reline and fill the tray again.

  8. hi Jackson galaxy my name is Becky Heckler and I have a question I have a tortoiseshell and a calico and right now I have the carriers out just to get them used to the room but right now they're being scared of my tortoiseshell is a little bit skittish as it is but how do I help her so she's not so scared and she Tinker Bell is five and Esmeralda is 12th just wanted to ask some questions can you email me back thank you

  9. I’ve only used crystal litter for 1 cat. He had chronic UTIs. If it weren’t for his brain tumor forcing me to have him put down he’d have been made a girl. He was just too tiny. His urethra was constantly irritated. The crystal litter helped me reduce the amount of bacteria he was exposed to. Other than that I have no use for crystals. Btw, he was 18 when I had to do the unthinkable. My sweet baby boy.

  10. my cat never pooped outside the box.
    they did pee occasionally, that I always thought are because we forgot to clean the box. but in reality that was never the case.
    it was always for attention. and now that mating season is on I discovered that it might be for attention indeed but due something else:
    ovarian remnant syndrome
    ask the vet to check for this. they don't normally… but it seems pretty normal for neutered cats and additional surgery might be needed.

    I agree very much on the topics of closed litter box, bag under litter and hidden litter boxes. they are all bad.
    multicat households are especially problematic with closed boxes. they always smack the other when it comes out.

  11. I'm having issues with the litter box/es, I lost my husband after 23 years about 4 months ago, and I got a kitten, then another for her to have more company than just me. And now I have 3 cats and it is twice daily to clean the box. Today I got another box. Now I learn I might need a third box so be it if it will help with the going in the boxes ONLY and help with the smell. I don't like perfume, and wouldn't get scented litter because they have to sniff where they want to go. This was so helpful. Thank you.

  12. Question: we just got a new kitten (11 week old female) and our other cat (3 yr old male) is spraying on the wall by the litter box. Our boxes don't have lids. Would lids help reduce spraying on the walls? Make it worse?

  13. HELP! Cat pooping outside of boxes.

    I have two cats, and I have 3 total boxes: a litter robot + normal pan upstairs, and another robot downstairs. I use nothing but unscented litter. My boy cat uses all three boxes equally. No issue. My girl cat pees in them, but poops outside of the downstairs box. I’m at a loss for what to do. I’ve tried different combinations of non-robot boxes, locations and litter. She just keeps doing it. Any other ideas?

    I should also mention, the boy cat is definitely the alpha cat in the house. I also just had a newborn, and my girl cat is leery of him, but she has been pooping outside the box even before the newborn.

  14. I just adopted a cat a few days ago and put his litter in the corner of a living room but apparently Google says that putting your cat’s litter in a place close to you is bad because of the ammonia that builds up can cause respiratory problems and I’m scared bc i don’t want to put him in the closet or anything like that (my apartment is quite small, is it really that bad?

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